Battery Life Tester; 12Volt

Battery Life Tester; 12Volt

Battery Life Tester; 12Volt
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The newly designed ELK-BLT v.3 Battery LifeTester is a small, simple to use Mhos Meter designed for analyzing 12 Volt rechargeable batteries. Unlike regular testers which measure only the static criteria, the LifeTester takes measurements of internal conductivity, which is the best possible indication of a battery's health and life expectancy. The conductivity measurement, listed in Mhos (the inverse of Ohms or resistance), can be conveniently compared to benchmark readings from the Mhos Chart which is sold with the unit. The chart then denotes battery condition as "Best, Good, Weak, or Bad". Each battery type has a characteristic Mhos list value when it is brand new and entirely charged. The LifeTester draws its power from the battery under test at the moment and automatically warns when the battery voltage is too low even to allow for testing.

Self-adhesive test data stickers are included with the unit which can be placed on every new battery to record all of the battery measurements for tests occurring in the future. Additional test data labels are also available seperately. Re-Order ELK-BLT LABELS (100 pcs).



Small, Low price, and easy to use.
Does not discharge or damage the battery at all.
Designed to test 12 Volt Rechargeable Batteries.
Sends a warning if battery voltage drops too low.
Comes with easily replaceable test leads.
Sold in a Padded Carrying Case.
Has Self-Adhesive Test Data Labels.
Comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty
Numeric clear LED display screen shows battery voltage, and Mhos reading.


SPECIFICATIONS: Operating Voltage: 10V - 14 Volts D.C. Current Draw: 1.1 Amps Max., 0.0016Ah for full test Battery Leads: ~12 Inches Enclosure Size: 4.4" W x 3" H x 1.15" D (111.8mm x 76.3mm x 29.2mm) w/o carrying case


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